1 Corinthians Chapter 8

1 Corinthians Chapter 8

“We know that we all have knowledge. Knowledge puffs up, but love edifies.” (v1)

“Knowledge of a good kind is a servant of love. Knowledge without love puffs up; but love fills the heart, where knowledge finds no void by which it would be puffed up.” AUGUSTINE

“Paul means to say that knowledge is such a great and beneficial thing, for him who acquires it, as long as it is diluted with love.” AMBROSIASTER

Our God is the essence of wisdom and knowledge, yet He is not puffed up. He is instead very humble and full of love towards us. What are ways in which God could put us down with His knowledge if He wanted to, but chooses not to? In my own life, what areas do I find myself lacking in love because my knowledge and pride have overtaken?

“And because of your knowledge shall the weak brother perish for whom Christ died?” (v11)

“If you love the weak person less because of the moral failing that makes him weak, consider the One who died on his behalf.” AUGUSTINE

What areas of my life are lawful for me to do, but may be making those around me stumble?

“Father, You know our sins, You know our past, You know our deepest thoughts, You know everything. Yet You never use this knowledge against us. Instead Your knowledge is “diluted in love” for us. Forgive me for wanting to always prove my knowledge and forsake love, or for doing things that cause Your children to stumble. Help me to be aware of these situations and give me Your love that is so gentle and humble. Let love be my goal. Amen.”