Little Flock Christian School

Little Flock Christian School was founded by St. Mark in 2002. Since then, the school has been  dedicated to serving the whole child: mind, body and spirit as we strive to prepare children to be in the world but not of the world. Our early learning programs serves children 2 years through Kindergarten.  The mission of Little Flock Christian School is to nurture, grow, and inspire our young students in a Christ-centered learning environment, while closely partnering with families to achieve those goals.  By lovingly nurturing our students' hearts and minds, we hope to grow them into well-rounded children who are inspired to become disciples after Christ's Heart. Our daily lessons include early literacy and numbers skills that are guided to develop a wonderful academic foundation and understanding that they are loved unconditionally by God. Families find a loving Christian environment coupled with exceptional academics, dynamic teachers and personal attention when they visit Little Flock Christian School. To learn more about the school environment please visit the school's website at