Database Ministry

This is the page of the support ministry that serves maintaining and updating the church database. We need volunteers from time to time, and will be posting volunteer applications around January 2013.

Meanwhile, if you have experience and skills or interest in Business Analysis, Databases and Reporting please email us, with your experience and what your interests are, at and we will keep it in our volunteer database for the database ministry.

Here to support our Church Congregation Members

Please contact us at if you are a church congregation member (or new to the church) and would like:

  • To update your address, telephone, marital status, and/or any other information on yourself or your household, and
  • Any other inquiry.

The pastoral care email will be more than happy to serve you and will redirect as needed for anything they cannot handle.

The below services are related to internally supporting the church ministries and services, which in turn faithfully serve our congregation.

Here to Support Church Ministries

The database ministry supports many ministries in the church. 

Registration/Sign-up for any event, retreat or class:

Please note that any event for which you collect any sign-up/registration, regardless if it is for free or has a cost, must be captured and setup through the database BEFORE you can start any registrations.
  1. We setup for you an online link with all the questions you need answered.
  2. We provide you with weekly reports with the roster (list) of those who registered, what they answered to the questions and how much money was collected.
  3. Though we like you to promote online registration, more than paper registration, but we also have a process in place for paper registrations in the church.
  4. Please contact BEFORE you start registration for your event- allow up to 1 week from when you submit your request to have your link ready.

For more info and how to request an online link URL setup for your event, please click here. At any time, if you have any questions on weblink (online URL for registration) and/or registrations/signups, please contact

Supporting Classes which meet regularly, such as Sunday School, Coptic Treasures, etc..

  1. Entering the attendance of participants in an activity which the servant mark on class lists provided by the database ministry. For example, such as attendance of Sunday School classes, Coptic Treasures classes, etc...
  2. Provides the ministries which take attendance with a regular attendance report that shows the attendance of their participants from the first day of session for this class. This helps the ministries to plan for outreach, etc..

For more info and how to request an online link URL setup for your event, please click here. At any time, if you (ministry servants) have any questions on the process of how to get attendance lists for your class, please contact