Get Connected

Want to get connected to YAM and keep up to date on events?  Below are a few options...


One of the best ways to stay connected to YAM is through the weekly church e-newsletter.  The e-newsletter is full of updates about what's happening with YAM in the coming weeks.

To sign up for the e-newsletter, click on this link and it will take you to a signup form so we can add you to our church database and our newsletter list.


If you're new to the DC metro area and looking to start building fellowship, look no further!  Koinonia Fellowship Groups (KFGs) is a great option to connect with other young adults in the metro DC area.   KFGs consist of 4 to 8 people who are committed to each other and to the common goal of growth in Christ. Groups meet weekly in homes throughout the metro DC area for approximately two hours once a week. To get involved, visit the KFG webpage and sign-up today!