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High School Ministry


Students in high school, grades 9-12 and ages 14-18 years. We serve youth from throughout the DC Metro area. Through dynamic Sunday School lessons and Friday night activities. Please join us!


Friday nights at 7:30pm, we meet at church then head out as a group. Sundays at 11:45 am in the Sunday School rooms.


Our goal is to help High school youth build a stronger relationship with Christ by gaining a deeper knowledge of the Bible. Through various activies, we hope that high school youth can grow in true Christian fellowship and express true unity and love for one another as well as others. We want to raise a generation of believers, leaders, servants, and missionaries with strong relationships with Christ. We hope to achieve this by getting the youth to know their Bibles better and get closer to Christ as a result. We have great diversity in the youth group, the servants continually strive to create an accepting and loving enviornment where the youth accept each other’s differences and are welcoming of all of those who are seeking God's love.