Orthodox Sermons

St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church of Washington, DC is extremely proud to bring you OrthodoxSermons.org! By God's grace, we are happy to provide the largest collection of Orthodox sermons in English on the web for FREE!Our goal is to spread the word of God and the Orthodox faith to all the ends of the earth by offering a free and accessible database full of spiritually-enriching materials. Check back often as we promise to keep the site updated.


We hope that our site will help you grow closer in your walk with God and personal relationship with our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ. With your assistance, we hope to reach many more people and offer an even better service. Because we want to keep this site FREE for the salvation of many souls, we pray you can help us do so. If this site has benefitted you in anyway, we hope you can support our efforts as we hope to bring you many more projects in the future. Want to get involved?

User Policy

Please feel free to download and/or burn as many sermons as you would like. Although we encourage distributing these sermons for free, we ask that they UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES be sold for money.