Parenting God's Way Classes

The Family Ministry invites you to attend :
This series of classes is offered in English and Arabic and gives you the resources that we all need to raise our children according to God's plan in these difficult times.

Fridays starting 10/26 through 12/7. We start at 6:30 sharp.
Cost for materials for the complete series is $20.00 per person or $25.00 per couple
Registration is required, no walkins please, register at

**E-mail will be sent announcing location after registration.

  • Making Parenting Shifts

    For instance, when that tiny infant comes home from the hospital, the baby quickly becomes the focus of attention. The infant sets the schedule for feedings and for sleeping. Often both parents have to adapt their lives around one small child.

  • Should We Protect Them?

    It's a good question and the answer is that we do both. Sometimes outside influences undermine the very lessons we're trying to teach our children. Kids imitate others and are sometimes easily drawn into foolishness and negative behavior patterns.

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