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Koinonia Fellowship Groups

Koinonia Fellowship Groups (KFG) are focused on fostering discipleship and fellowship. We want the members of this Church to encourage one another to grow spiritually and to connect with one another as members of an extended family. KFG is about living the life of Apostolic Fellowship that the early church enjoyed and used to spread the Word across the globe.

Want to learn more? Have unanswered questions; feel free to contact us using the form along the left side of this page. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Koinonia Fellowship Groups help me improve my spiritual life?

Koinonia Fellowship Groups are a great way for you to develop and connect to a community of believers who provide one-on-one support to grow spiritually. It is also a great way to ensure that you are continually fed with the Word of God in an intimate setting that allows you to ask questions and participate in different ways which help you develop a deeper understanding of the Word and its application in your daily life.

Do I have time to be in a Koinonia Fellowship Group? What is the time commitment? How often do we meet? 

Koinonia Fellowship Groups usually meet once a week for about two hours at a time. Meetings are available most days of the week.

Where do they meet?

Koinonia Fellowship Groups usually meet in any one of the members’ homes.

How are the groups formed?

The information you provide when signing up for a group helps us place you in a small group of people with whom you share a lot of similarities including, age group, marital status, location and best days of the week to meet.

How do I sign up? What information should I include about me when signing up?

You can sign up by completing the Koinonia Fellowship Group Sign Up Sheet, also available at the Church reception desk or contact us using the form along the left side of this page. The more information you include, the better the chances are of matching you to a group that shares your interests. You can also sign up online.