St. Joseph's Ministry

Our Mission:

To come together as a group to feel and share the joy and love of our Lord Jesus Christ.To continue to grow spiritually through a variety of lectures, readings, expeditions, and personal exchanges.To be a living example to following generations, proving that faith and trust in our Lord God is a life-long continuum.  To find companionship amongst members, some of whom may find themselves in isolated situations.  Up-dated phone lists are provided as a great vehicle for this support.

Who we are:

Church members 50 years and above.  Whether as a first time visitor or a seasoned St. Joseph member, we invite you to join our meetings during which we share Aghapy and fellowship in a fun Christian environment.

When we meet:

Bi-weekly on Saturdays, immediately following the Divine Liturgy in the Church Social Hall.  Meetings and special events are announced in the St. Mark Weekly Newsletter or small flyer at the church front desk.  

Please see our calendar below so you can join us for our exciting events!

God's Word is summed up in a single sentence:
Love others as you love yourself. That's an act of true freedom. Galatians 5:14

St. Joseph's Ministry Calendar

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