St. Verena's Library

Our Mission

St. Verena’s library contains a huge collection of English and Arabic books, DVDs, VHS tapes with many rare textbooks, commentaries on the Bible for the churches’ fathers like St. John Chrysostom, St. Kyrolos the Great, St. Athanasius as well as contemporary fathers like Pope Shenouda, Fr. Mathew the Poor, Fr. Tadros Malaty in addition to many other great Christian writers.
 The library’s mission is to raise a generation of enlightened leaders and servants within the church. The library would also like to grow the love of wisdom and knowledge in the hearts of the entire congregation and to make reading a part of everyday life for all ages.

St. Verena’s Library strives to make books, DVDs and other materials available for servants for preparation and for the entire congregation to read about and live all the church’s seasons.

Online Catalog

Check out our online catalog. This catalog allows you to do the following: search for any book in the library, read customer reviews and ratings, and find additional titles on the subject of your choice. You can do all these things and more when you visit by clicking here

Location & Hours

St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Church at 11911 Braddock Road, Fairfax, VA 22030: in the lower level of the school’s building.

Hours: The library is open on Sundays from 9:30 am-1:30 pm.

Returning books: while the library should be open to be able to check out a book; you can return your books back anytime you visit the church by dropping them in the drop box by the double door that leads to the school building as you come from inside the church.

Books could be renewed currently by email.

Opening an Account/Policy

We need your contact information to open an account (full name, phone, address and email). While opening an account is free, we collect minimal fees for late items.

Checking out books is also free, but we charge one dollar per DVD or VHS for a two week term.

Volunteering to Serve at the Library
 Why should I serve at the library? – to enhance my personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ through a variety of available resources that will allow me to have a better understanding of the scriptures, follow the saints examples and learn more about the Church and its teachings and rites.

What are different services I can do?

  • Enter new items (Books, VHS tapes or DVDs) into the library’s program, label and shelve them.
  • Repair books, tapes and DVDs regarding covers and labels.
  • Check-out and check-in materials from/ to readers.
  • Read different library books/ watch DVDs/tapes to be able to guide readers.
  • Contact readers by different means regarding overdue items in their possession.
  • Order new items (books or DVDs) for the library; either on-line or from different book stores.
  • Collect returned items from the drop-in box weekly.
  • Clean and maintain the library’s computer program.
  • Open and close the library book shelves and computer programs.

Donating to the Library

If you liked a book and found it to be very useful to you and feel that others may also benefit from reading the same book; why don’t you donate it to the library and have the freedom to come and check it out any time you need to..! Many of the church members have already done so.

We also welcome any good family-oriented and Christian movies that are in good condition.

Online Surveys

Please take the time to fill out this short survey for the church's library. God bless!

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