What Do I Do in Confession

As mentioned above, the goal of Confession is not to meet a priest, but rather to meet the true High Priest, our Lord Jesus Christ. So therefore, it is essential that we have alone time with God both before and after sitting with our father of confession.

How? Do the following:

Step 1: Arrive early

Plan to arrive to church 15 minutes BEFORE you plan to meet your father of confession. That will give you adequate time to prepare.

Step 2 Spend 10 minutes alone with God before going to father of confession

You should never spend more time talking with the priest than you do with God – the goal is to meet Him right? Use this time to confirm your repentance and preparing to meet the Lord in Confession. In addition, this gives you a chance to review your list of sins for Confession. Some good prayers to pray during this time: Psalm 51 [50], Psalm 32, Psalm

Step 3: Confess your sins to father of confession

This step shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes [7 minutes at most]. If it takes more time than that, then you need to schedule an appointment for counseling. Confession shouldn’t be telling stories. The story isn't important – the sin is. Focus less on the details of the story and more on the sin at the root. Your father of confession will tell you when he
needs the details.

Step 4: Listen and Record

After telling all your sins, your father of confession will advise you in
some way. You should bring a notepad in order to write down what he
says. Remember, it is not him speaking; he is just the mouthpiece of the
Holy Spirit. If God Himself is speaking, wouldn’t you want to write it

Step 5: Stand up and receive absolution

The priest will then instruct you to stand up and bow your head. He will then place his hands on your head and pray the absolution over you. In the same way that the priest’s hands are used to perform the Mystery of
the Eucharist, his hands are also used to administer the Mystery of Confession as well. It is not his hands, but rather God working through his hands to absolve your sins and cleanse you from all unrighteousness. You should approach this moment as you would the table of communion – with awe and reverence for being able to partake of this great mystery of forgiveness.

Step 6: Thanksgiving to God

After receiving this great mystery, you need to go spend at least a few minutes alone with God once again, thanking Him for His indescribable gift. Be fully assured that your sins are forgiven and that you have been released from the bondage of sin. You have conquered sin by bringing it to the feet of the Crucified One. Some recommended prayers:
Thanksgiving prayer, Psalm 85, Psalm 126, Psalm 103.